I think I'm Breaking Down Again

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Hey guys, I hate to do this but I’m here to ask for a favor. My girlfriend and I are currently struggling to pay our rent. We fell behind on our payments when I lost my job in April and my girlfriend doesn’t work because she takes care of our daughter.

We have to pay our rent by Friday and currently owe $908. We already had $200 saved up, but we managed to come up with $833 by selling things on ebay, doing odd jobs, and by borrowing from family and friends however we can’t borrow anymore money from them.

We’re so close to having our full amount of $908, we’re just $75 dollars short so if you can donate anything then we would be very grateful. My girlfriend’s paypal email is kadijahmungin@yahoo.com. If you can’t donate could you please just reblog this to help signal boost it. Anyway, thanks so much.

(via silentlycoping)

The best part of being 21 isn’t that I can buy and drink all the alcohol that I want, it’s that I can now go to one of the best dispensaries in LA. Can’t wait to go visit my dad!